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Episode 11 of Upon Further Review!

Our first ten shows in the books, we move on to the next ten starting this week with Episode 11 of Upon Further Review! In this episode we send a shout out to Tim for his kind review of us in Podcast Reviews before moving on to the show proper: first, we hang out with some guy named Craig as we review the seventh most popular site on the entire Internet, Craigslist; second, we spend some time in Sweden with our review of the superstore Ikea; and finally, we enter the realm of “music you’ve never heard of but maybe should have” as we examine the Spartacus Roosevelt podcast. As always, we want to thank you for your continued support of the show–our download numbers continue to grow, and we’re excited about the future. Don’t forget to submit your comments, questions, feedback and so on via any of our contact methods, and thanks for listening! (As usual, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (“You’re My Girl”), outro by David Henderson (“We Gotta Go”).)

Reviewed in this show:



Spartacus Roosevelt