Got feed?

Hi all–we just wanted to remind everyone that if you have been subscribed to us for a while, our recent Podpress upgrade required us to switch our feed a little bit to make iTunes happy…the old feed should still work, but just in case we would recommend you use this new one from now on:


It seems like most people are now getting it to work, but again, please keep us posted if there are problemsand sorry for any confusion!



  1. classic chris:

    comment on your posting title… do you guys feel that the “got ___?” has been overdone, overused, beaten to death like a dead horse, played out… i have a friend who’s pet peeve is the overuse of the “got ___?” in everything, and I have to say, she’s got a great argument for it: the original “got milk?” campaign was catchy, but also made sense. the guy with the mountains of chocolate chip cookies and the fridge of empty milk cartons, the guy who has the radio contest answer but has just eaten the peanut butter sandwich and is out of milk — the question “got milk?” is the perfect punchline.

    but now, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a “got ____?” tagline that [usually] doesn’t have anything to do with a pressing need for something. also, have had just about enough of the “what happens in ____ stays in _____.” bastardization, especially in corporate America (never fails that someone in a confidential meeting will suggest “what happens in room X stays in room X” and looks around for a laugh. i’ve even heard someone try to give that one a name, asking “the vegas rule applies here, right?” so annoying.

    but that’s just me, and not the show, just having fun.

    anyway, glad your feed problems worked out. we got it :-)

    – chris

  2. admin:

    It’s a good point. I must admit, however, to being even more disturbed by your use of the phrase “you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a _____.” Do you, er, generally swing dead cats, on a regular basis sort of thing? Is there something about you which we should know, and someone like AJ can tell? :)


  3. classic chris:

    well… what do you do with your dead cats? just let them pile up, unswung?

    (disclaimer: my wife and i are actually animal lovers to a fault. we’ve got 2 dogs, 4 cats (live and unswung), 2 birds, a mouse, three aquariums, a koi pond and we feed about 10 stray cats in the neighborhood :-)

    – chris

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