A Quick Announcement for iTunes users…

As the attached audio clip mentions, it’s come to our attention that for some reason iTunes doesn’t have the two parts of our film Upon Further Review in Norway listed…perplexing to say the least, since the feed is valid and nothing else (other than it being video rather than audio!) has changed. Rather than fight the power of Apple, we figured we would just let the iTunes people know that we have released two weeks worth of shows (in the two parts of the movie form)–please head over to our website to check it out for yourselves. We’ll be back with our standard audio show next week.


  1. Jan Scott:

    Can I be really dumb and suggest that if you’ve sent the video to Itunes in this form that could be the problem. Itunes insists on its own video format and certainly not wma (heaven forfend they would admit anything from Windows has merit!).

  2. admin:

    That’s an excellent point, Jan, though since the Podpress creator was the main guy who got iTunes podcasting off the ground it’s hard to imagine he would design it to not function with iTunes…but maybe we’ll post the full movie in Quicktime format next week. Thanks for the thought, and welcome to the UFR family!


  3. DrumIntellect:

    Pretty cool videos! Admire the work you pit into it.
    Thanks for giving a glimpse into a country I never thought of as a place for Americans to visit.

  4. admin:

    Thanks, DI–we’re glad you enjoyed it! We’ll be back to standard audio next week, but we thought a video was the only way to explain Norway properly.


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