Episode 31 of Upon Further Review!

The Super Bowl is fast approaching, and we’re getting ready for our own big game…of Upon Further Review! In Episode 31 we look at our usual complement of three items: first, we look at the mystery and magic of Cirque Du Soleil; second, we ask just how dumb some bosses can be with our review of the hit TV show The Office; and finally, we conclude our look at women in podcasting with our review of Rocketboom. As always, we are grateful for your ideas, suggestions, and support–and as always, we are most grateful for your continued presence as listeners! (As usual, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (“You’re My Girl”), outro by David Henderson (“We Gotta Go”).)

Reviewed in this show:

Cirque Du Soleil

The Office



  1. Tim Byatt:

    Hi Greg and Clea:

    I am having problems downloading your podcast through iTunes.

    It is saying that the URL of your feed does not seem to be valid.

    I have tried unsubscribing and resubscribing through iTunes music store but still get the same problem.

    I can’t say for sure whether it’s just me or a wider issue.

    Glad you guys had a good break and i will listen to the show; even if I have to do a direct download through the website. How old school.

    All the best,

  2. admin:

    Drat. I just upgraded to Podpress 7.1 and adjusted our feed because it didn’t want to validate–but I thought everyone, including iTunes, was on board. I’ve just made another adjustment–please let us know whether it now works or not! (I like Podpress a lot, but this one issue of validation has been extremely irritating for a while now…)


  3. Shara:

    Yay! I think that’s my first official on-line shout out.

  4. admin:

    Glad we could oblige, Shara. :) Can anyone tell us if they are still having iTunes problems downloading our show (please please please say no :) )? I’ve made some adjustments, but I want to make sure it’s coming through properly.


  5. Tim Byatt:


    Seems to download okay in iTunes now.

    Thanks for the prompt response.

    Kind Regards,

  6. DrumIntellect:

    It’s not working in iTunes for me, so I’ll take it down manually.

  7. admin:

    Okay–for those still having trouble, make sure this is the feed you are using:


    It seems like most people are now getting it to work, but again, please keep us posted if there are problems…and sorry for the confusion!


  8. dmelliott:

    I can now (20070206) get you on iTunes, thank you.

    You are a blog, and a very good audio blog, like it or not. Blog refers to the mechanism, not the content. ABC, NPR, BBC, CBC, CHUM, etc also have blogs and vlogs.

  9. dmelliott:

    Conclude? CONCLUDE?? How can you consider your review of women in podcasting concluded without having covered Karina Stenquist (and if you speak Spanish, Ira Gallardo) of MobuzzTV (www.mobuzztv.com)?

    While technical items are covered here, as in the very good GeekBrief, aspects of life, politics etc, are also covered in a gently irreverent manner. Perhaps it is her background in political and social theory that makes her comments gently insightful, rather than rants.

    Manages to be one step up, but still funny.

  10. dmelliott:

    Might also want to do the award winning Beachwalks with Rox.

  11. admin:

    Wow, this topic has gotten some serious commentary, even if some of it is about the feed stuff (which now seems to be getting resolved, we hope!) On DM’s comments: I’m (Greg) still not sure I agree that we’re a blog, because we’re actually engaged in doing something (reviews) rather than just logging incidents or thoughts from a given period of time. I certainly don’t have the same objections to that term for us as I do others (“couplecast” comes to mind ;)), but I don’t know…we just feel like a “review show.” Maybe it’s just me… :) Either way, we really appreciate the kind words. As for the other shows–we have a backlog of others we have to get to as well, but I promise we will get back to those in a few weeks (and if we forget, I suspect you won’t have any problem in reminding us. ;) )

  12. classic chris:

    Greg, Clea,

    First off, never disappointed – great show. I’m a HUGE Cirque du Soleil fan, though I’ve never actually been to a show, I love watching it on television and I just LOVE the music. So moving. Brilliant. If I could choose one show I’d like to see, it’d be “O”. The idea of all of the acrobatics and everything in and out of the water seems to make it that much more exciting.

    A.J. (you know, A.J.?) showed me some other Rocketboom episodes and I think it’s a great vidcast. I like that it’s short, I like the hosts style, and I really like the exposure it gives to lots of different ideas and visual artistry.

    Moving along now… still trying to catch up to the present, and getting there. Talk to you on 32!!

  13. admin:

    We’re actually going to the new Cirque show in a few weeks (something about winter…can’t remember the name), so I’m excited…my book in progress was actually inspired by a Cirque show, so I’m a big fan, as you could hear in the episode. O would be a cool one to check out. Agreed on Rocketboom as well.


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