Episode 30 of Upon Further Review!

We’re back again with the show you know and love (we hope!) in Episode 30 of Upon Further Review! In this episode we review pioneers in civil rights, women in podcasting, and spies On Her Majesty’s Secret Service–though not necessarily in that order. First, in honor of the recent holiday we look at Martin Luther King, both life and legacy; second, we examine the new grittier take on the world’s favorite secret agent in our review of the movie Casino Royale; and finally, we look at the first of two major vidcasts with female hosts as we review Cali Lewis’s GeekBrief TV. Thanks as always for listening, contributing, and spreading the word about the show–we couldn’t do this without you (well, we could, but it would be kind of silly)! (As usual, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (Youre My Girl).)

Reviewed in this show:

Martin Luther King

Casino Royale

Geek Brief TV


  1. Chris:

    A 9 for MLK?
    If he doesn’t deserve a 10, as an objective evaluation of his weight and value as a human being, then who would?

  2. admin:

    It’s a good question, Chris–but as we pointed out in the show, as much respect as we have for MLK, the issues of womanizing and plagiarism are legitimate concerns. The overwhelming evidence of his life makes MLK an enormously positive force, however, and we think that is what a 9 reflects. As for who would deserve a 10…hmm. Gandhi, perhaps?

    Thanks for the feedback, and welcome to the UFR family!


  3. Chris:

    I guess I never thought of it that way. Once you give someone a 10 you’ve set the bar for absolute human perfection, where do you go from there?

    Instead maybe it would be better to go with someone interesting who’s got some real obvious flaws. How a widely derided yet highly respected figure like like Noam Chompsky or Ralph Nader?

    If those don’t grab you may I suggest Oscar Wilde, Friedrich Nietzshe, Sigmund Freud, or Ronal Reagan. I think any of them would make a really good show. :)

  4. admin:

    Thanks for the suggestions, and we’ll tackle one or more of these in the very near future–and you’re right, all of them will make for interesting shows! Keep the ideas coming…


  5. classic chris:

    greg, clea,

    awesome. just awesome.

    MLK is deserving of the 10, though some of the other things surrounding his life – some of the craziness that’s gone on among his family in recent years – would probably rankd a bit differently. Great summary, and great review.

    So nice for you to give airtime to the controversial “blonde Bond” of today. Really makes me want to see it, and I like the idea of the more action hero bond. Sure, Moore and Connery were cool characters, but nothing short of clunky when it came to the action sequences. Looking forward to it.

    As far as Chris’ suggestions, I really like those! Would LOVE to hear your review of Reagan, or even maybe dare I say Nixon? Along that line, how about a review of Nixon inclusive of the movies about Watergate – All the Presidents’ Men and the take-off Dick (have you all seen that one? A hilarious spoof of Watergate with Will Ferrell and Kirsten Dunst, among others).

    Don’t stop now! Talk to you on 31!

    – classic chris

  6. admin:

    Yeah, the MLK rating did generate a bit of controversy, and there’s no doubt how important/great he basically was, despite his flaws. We may indeed take on another personality like the ones “non-classic Chris” mentioned in the near future…haven’t seen the Watergate spoof, but we will try to check it out when we can.


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