Episode 5 of Upon Further Review!

Here we are again with reviews of all things…er…reviewable, as we proudly present Episode 5 of Upon Further Review. In this episode we talk about Podshow+ (and let them off with a good stern talking-to…turns out that Adam Curry really isn’t that bad a guy) and the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie (which Clea saw without Greg…not that he’s bitter or anything) before moving on to review three more very different things: first, we talk cutting and sewing with our review of Project Runway; second, we get up on our high horse (which we clearly would have adopted, not bought from a pet store!) as we review North Shore Animal League (see picture below for the reason we decided to review an animal shelter!); and finally, we take a look at how a divorced couple in Utah rolls with our review of the podcast Choose The Left Xx’s. Please remember to leave a comment, E-mail or call us, and add yourself to the Frappr map, and please spread the word about the show! And if you have anything you would like us to review, please let us know about that too. Thanks for listening and for your continued support! (As always, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (“You’re My Girl”), outro by David Henderson (“We Gotta Go”).)

Reviewed in this show:

Project Runway

North Shore Animal League

Choose The Left Xx’s

This show is dedicated to Lilo!


  1. Carolyn Wilson:

    Fantastic picture of Lilo, and great review of North Shore. Did you let them know about it?

    See you soon. Love, Lilo’s Grandma

  2. admin:

    We did indeed, and we’d like to send a shout out to “Lilo’s Grandma” while we’re at it!

    The Reviewers

  3. Bernadette in Australia:

    Hi Greg and Clea

    Your clever ploy worked Greg – you put a post about your show in amongst all the reviews agile and I have been posting at PCA and I came over to check it out like the good little Pavlovian that I am. I like what I heard. Couldn’t agree more about editing! You two have a great energy…look forward to hearing more.

    Maybe I’ll review the review show. And then someone could review my review of the review show and then…..Life is full circle eh?

  4. admin:

    Glad to see our cunning plan worked, then… :) Thanks for checking us out, Bernadette, and sure–we’d love a review of our, er, reviews! We like what you’re doing over at PCA as well.


  5. Chris:

    Greg, Clean,

    Another hit show! PArtial to this one b/c my wife and I are animal lovers. Currently, we have 2 dogs, 4 cats, 4 birds, 1 mouse, two saltwater aquariums, one freshwater aquarium, and a koi pond (plus about 10 stray cats that we feed daily). Dogs, cats, and at least 2 of the birds are rescued. Way to go promoting no kill shelters!!!

    See you on 6!

    – Chris

  6. admin:

    You’re rapidly becoming our favorite fan ever, Chris–we’re not sure whether to be flattered or faintly disturbed that you’ve listened to each show in order, but…well, okay, yeah, basically we’re just flattered. :) Thanks so much for your feedback, and please keep it up (and tell your friends–are there a whole lot more people like you, AJ, Tim, Bernadette, DI, etc. out there? :) )


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