Episode 68 of Upon Further Review!

We’re back with a new show about con men and politicians (we know, who’s ever made that connection before?) in Episode 68 of Upon Further Review! In this show we get right down to business with our review of the new hit cable series Leverage before turning things over to part two of our interview with author and activist Minister Faust, started in the last episode. As always, we welcome your feedback, suggestions for things to review and support–and as always, we appreciate your willingness to spread the word about the show! (As usual, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (“You’re My Girl”), outro by David Henderson (“We Gotta Go”).)

Reviewed in this show:



  1. classic chris:

    hey, guys! loving the shows and thoroughly enjoying the minister faust interview!!! have to admit that both episodes when it came to the interview segment i thought “ugh, well, i’m not really in the mood to listen to this right now, but what the heck” and i was pleasantly surprised again and again at how fascinating the interview was (both sides, greg and minister)!!!! Awesome addition!

    regarding facebook… i’ve been a little behind in updating the group, but now i have a cool new thing that’ll make it even more consistent with the show: a facebook page (instead of a group)! With pages, the blog from your site is automatically updated when you post, people become “fans” of your show, and updates are more dynamically delivered than simple messages. hope you like it. you and all the UFR posse can check it out here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Upon-Further-Review/69029050406

    anyway, enjoyed your review of ‘leverage’. i, too, was intrigued by the concept and think it does have some sustainability. unfortunately, i hated the 2nd and 3rd episode – i know character development and exposition are important, but it took a little too liberal flavor for my tastes and i really just don’t want to care about the characters other than hutton that much. as you said, clea, the mission parts of mission impossible were the best. felt that way here, too. when it got to the character stories (esp the brooding long haired guy), just couldn’t take it. i’ll try to pick up another episode sometime just to be totally fair, but in any event, i can see why the show is enjoying success b/c it has a very interesting an relatively unique bend on the idea…

    look forward to hearing more soon. thanks!

    – chris

  2. admin:

    Hey Chris! Glad you liked the Minister Faust interview…we think he’s an interesting guy, and well worth listening to. The third and final part of the interview will be coming in the next show. Fair enough on Leverage…probably not for everyone, but we like the chemistry and the presentation of the show (and it didn’t occur to Greg that it involves a storyline about medicine and insurance, something you know something about… :) )

    Finally, one more time, a huge thanks for continuing to maintain the UFR Facebook page (now transferred from a group)…we’re happy to have another method of people getting to know about the show, and hope everyone appreciates your efforts as much as we do!


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