Episode 66 of Upon Further Review!

We’re back once again with a New Year’s resolution to bring you more opinions, ideas and entertainment–and we’re starting with a bang in Episode 66 of Upon Further Review! In this episode we talk some technical matters before getting down to the meat of the show: first, we look at the half-filled glass of water in a different way with our review of Ode Magazine; second, we take up arms against a sea of, er, orcs as we look at the World of Warcraft video game; and finally, we toast the departing of the old year and arrival of the new with our take on the New Year’s holiday. As always, we appreciate your continued listening to the show, and as always, we’re grateful for your willingness to spread the word! (As usual, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (Youre My Girl), outro by David Henderson (We Gotta Go).)

Reviewed in this show:

Ode Magazine

World of Warcraft

New Year’s


  1. Bernadette in Australia:

    Happy New Year to you two too. It’s my least favourite holiday but only due to timing. My entire family has birthdays between November 25 and Christmas…then there’s Christmas itself…and all in the middle of summer. By New Year’s I’m exhausted and just want to lie down for a week. I have Chinese friends and I like celebrating their New Year which is usually around the end of Jan or early Feb. That timing suits me much better :)

  2. admin:

    Thanks, Bernadette, and it’s good to hear from you! And yeah, if we had that many events going on in a row we probably wouldn’t be big fans of New Year’s either. As it is, as we mentioned on the show we celebrate in entirely different ways from one year to the next–this year in particular was quiet and low-key. A certain nearly-one-year-old may have had something to do with that, of course…


  3. classic chris:

    Happy New Year, G&C! No better way to start the year than with another wonderful show!!!

    Thanks for taking the suggestion about checking out/reviewing Ode :-) Thought you would like it, and hope it catches on. It really is something, isn’t it? And I agree with your comments about The Netherlands: if only there were a way to harness that energy and innovation, we’d all be a little better for it.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of testing out WoW for a while now, and you have piqued my curiosity again. Maybe I’ll take a stab at it (pun: intended) in ’09. My problem is that I’ve got what you’d call an addictive personality, particularly when it comes to techie things, so I don’t know if the sucking void it might invite would be such a good thing. But the way you describe it as a drop in/drop out without losing a whole lot of ground makes it appealing…

    Thanks for plugging the facebook group, again. We’re up to a nice 3-dozen members now, and hope it keeps growing. I plan on learning more about building applications for the platform this year and my first foray is most likely going to be something for UFR (maybe a “you review stuff” app or something).

    Cheers! See you on 67 :-)

    – chris

  4. admin:

    Hi Chris! Our pleasure, and yeah, we definitely enjoyed Ode. As for WoW, we’re all for you giving it a try, so long as you don’t get sucked into the void–because we rely on you for all things Facebook now, you know, and it would be a disaster if we lost you to Azeroth! :)

    Thanks as always for the kind comments,

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