Episode 62 of Upon Further Review!

We’re back again with all things games and horror–sometimes even at the same time–in Episode 62 of Upon Further Review! In this episode we thank everyone for their loyal listening before getting down to the nitty gritty: first, we consider the madness and mayhem that is gaming in our review of the GenCon Convention; second, we consider the madness and mayhem that is board gaming as we look at Arkham Horror; and finally, we consider the madness and mayhem that are zombies (just because they’re, well, zombies!) as we listen in to the One Eighteen: Migration podcast. As always, we appreciate your continued support for the show, and as always, we ask that you continue to spread the word to others! (As usual, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (“You’re My Girl”), outro by David Henderson (“We Gotta Go”).)

Reviewed in this show:


Arkham Horror

One Eighteen: Migration


  1. classic chris:

    welcome back, C&G! so nice to hear you again, not just b/c of your engaging reviews and personalities, but you still have the highest quality podcast of any I listen to.

    very interesting reviews this round! i’ve been searching for emulators of coin-op video games lately, so it always warms my heart when you mention something like Galaga or other classic stand-up arcade games. still wouldn’t consider myself enough of a board/card/miniature gamer to invest in a trip to a con, but great to get the virtual experience through you guys.

    i applaud the one eighteen author’s foray into the world of podiobooks (new term for me, but I know where it’s going b/c I’ve recently started listening to one from some of the guys who created MST3K), but it does seem like he may be getting seduced by the extent of effects and features in the universe of audio production. It’s easy to wnat to color something, especially a horror novel, with lots of sound effects, but they really can take away from the value of the words on the “page”. And as far as behind-the-scenes stuff, Greg’s comparison to the podiobook as a dvd series was perfect – have faith and save that stuff to make it special for the long-timers and the payoff will be that much greater.

    And so there’s my opinion, for what it’s worth.

    thanks, again, for an excellent podcast (and for your guarantee of protection from SPAM and zombies)! see you on 63!!

  2. admin:

    Thanks for the kind words as always, Chris, and happy we can provide you some virtual experiences! :) As for One Eighteen, we think Will will probably avoid being too sucked into the world of sound effects…but it’s an excellent point to make in general, and something other audio shows should probably consider.

    Clea is currently in Seattle with baby daughter in tow, but we’ll have a new show for you all when she returns in another week!


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