Episode 59 of Upon Further Review!

Once again we’re back with clothing stores, compelling candidates and crazy Brits (just kidding, they’re not that crazy!) in Episode 59 of Upon Further Review! In this episode we thank everyone for continuing to tune in, and address Greg’s guilty conscience about the recent release schedule, before getting into the main part of the show: first, we channel our inner geek with our look at the Jinx Clothing Company; second, we consider the audacity of actually liking a political candidate as we review Barack Obama; and finally, we discover the connection between independent music and organized chaos with our review of The Waiting Room podcast. As always, we appreciate your suggestions and ideas, and as always, we ask that you continue to tell everyone about the show! (As usual, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (“You’re My Girl”), outro by David Henderson (“We Gotta Go”).)

Reviewed in this show:

Jinx Clothing Company

Barack Obama

The Waiting Room


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  3. Drunk Country:

    Hi guys.

    Many thanks for a very honest review. Very much appreciate your equal curiosity & befuddlement.

    To clarify a few points:

    (1) http://crack.podbean.com is an inherited web address from the pre-DC days when the show was called ‘Mind The Crack’. We’d love to change the url to something more TWR related, but the logistical/administrative task is far too much of a sharp incline for us to approach at this time.

    (2) the music we play is pretty much sourced worldwide, & not restricted to the UK. In fact, the vast majority is American. The show takes in an average of 24 tracks per show, per week. To drill the playlist down to 24, approx. 1,000+ songs (independently sourced/requested by DC, as well as a large amount submitted by bands, labels, etc.) are listened to each week.

    (3) the show isn’t scripted in the slightest & entirely ‘off the cuff’, + recorded live at broadcast. Even the pre-recorded shows are recorded ‘as live’, with minimal editing. The only exception to this is the odd occasion when pre-recorded ‘skits’ or set-ups are employed.

    (4) The Woman of The House, or TWoTH, isn’t actually ‘the wife’, but is in fact The Woman of The House. Clear? :o)

    Cheers again for being as kind as you were & not mauling us for our scattergun train of thought or narrative. We Brits may be plum crazy, but we have manners to die for, eh?

  4. John Stiegler:

    Sean’s game is called Talesworth Arena. You can find it on Kongregate. Awesome game!

  5. admin:

    DC–thanks for the clarifications. We’re now officially even more befuddled that you somehow sort through 1K songs each week to get to your show…wow. Good stuff. (And remember, if you’re looking for 1K + 1, my independent rock band THE ROAD does have an album and a number of songs we’d be happy to send your way… :) ) Apologies also to TWoTH, and the 1/2DCoTH as well! Glad the review was helpful.

    John–drat, Greg thought it was something like that. It is a good game, even if level 4 is a–well, let’s just say it’s a “rather challenging level.” :) Welcome to UFR, and we hope you’ll stick around!


  6. Bernadette in Australia:

    I am unnaturally interested in US politics for someone who doesnt live there so I enjoyed your Obama review. Even though Im probably not what youd call a traditional liberal (I dont really know what I am, I dont think Im a conservative either) I think, from what Ive seen and heard, that Obama is our best hope. And I deliberately include myself and my fellow non-Americans because we in the rest of the western world are affected daily by the decisions of your government. Besides, Obama is the closest thing Ive seen in the real world to Jed Bartlett (whom I adore and secretly believe is quite real).

    Since November last year weve had a new Prime Minister (Kevin Rudd) here in oz, after 11 years of being led by George Bushs greatest fan. Although Rudd is a middle-aged white guy there are some similarities between his campaign and Obamas. One of the most common insults to be thrown at him during the campaign was that he is too educated. Huh? Surely you cannot be TOO educated to run a country? Surely even a small-ish country in the middle of nowhere would be well served by someone with the intelligence, drive and thirst for knowledge to educate themselves out of poverty. I despaired that in my Big Brother-loving, shock-jock listening, sports-mad country a well-educated, bi-lingual (he speaks fluent Mandarin), non-sports playing/watching person who looks like a nerd couldnt get elected but my country folk surprised the heck outa me and voted him in by a landslide. When, as his first official order of business, Rudd made an emotional and genuine apology to our indigenous people for the abhorrent way they were treated by successive governments right up until the mid 1970s (aboriginal kids were routinely taken from their parents and given to white families or orphanages for their own good) there was barely a dry eye in the country (even my staunchly non-Rudd voting parents admitted to crying their eyes out). Everyone I know who voted for Rudd talks about how they were, for the first time in their lives, glad theyd had the opportunity to vote and proud of the choice theyd made.

    I hope, for all our sakes, your country gets to experience the same: its a bloody fantastic feeling.

  7. Drunk Country:

    Hey there.

    You know the email, send over mp3s if you have them. Happy to consider.


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