Episode 46 of Upon Further Review!

This week we take on rockers, secret agents and obsessive dog walkers (we’re nothing if not diverse!) in Episode 46 of Upon Further Review! In this episode we call out Ikea for some possibly naughty behavior before getting into the meat of the show: first, we sit down for a meeting with the Boss as we review Bruce Springsteen and his album Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.; second, we go underground with our review of The Bourne Ultimatum; and finally, we question how OCD one can be as we look at Amanda Banana: The Obsessive Dogwalker Video Podcast. As always, we appreciate your suggestions and ideas for future review topics, and ask that you keep them coming–and yourself listening! (As usual, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (“You’re My Girl”), outro by David Henderson (“We Gotta Go”).)

Reviewed in this show:

Bruce Springsteen / Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.

The Bourne Ultimatum

Amanda Banana: The Obsessive Dogwalker Video Podcast


  1. shara:

    Just a 7 for Bruce Springsteen? I admit that I haven’t listened to the Asbury Park album, but I love Nebraska. Nothing like stories of serial killers, lost fathers, and used cars.

    On the other hand, I couldn’t stand Bourne Identity, and didn’t watch any of the others. I didn’t think it was a smart movie – just the opposite, I felt like the movie lacked a plot, and attempted to make up for the lack with up close fighting.

  2. admin:

    We definitely understand where you’re coming from in regard to Bruce Springsteen, but on The Bourne Identity–wow. In our opinion, if there’s anything the movie doesn’t lack, it’s a plot…but we’ll agree to disagree on that score! (We do agree with you that the fighting scenes in the Bourne series are an acquired taste.)

    We’ll have our new show out shortly, so stay tuned!


  3. classic chris:

    clea, greg,

    another stellar show!!!!

    thanks for the review of Bourne Ultimatum. i really liked your description of the close-up action sequences as “controlled chaos”. that really hit home with me. you’ve made this movie a must-see for me!

    oh, and greg, i’m a big fan of linguistics, and i must say that i never really thought much about the phrase ‘beg your pardon’ until you used it absolutely correctly in this podcast! it SHOULD be used to interrupt someone. that’s the perfect way to use it. really opened my eyes, even though it probably rolled off you guys, i just never really considered the phrase other than a substitute for ‘excuse me’ in asking someone to repeat themselves.

    and this cast brought to mind some review suggestions. so, for what it’s worth…

    how about reviewing U2? a rich history there… a great band that got so full of itself it became probably one of the biggest sell-outs in music history. remember Zoo TV? Does anyone remember Zoo TV? what a joke…

    and what about reviewing the video game arcade? i mean the mall-located arcade of yesteryear (or, are there still any of those left? other than the adult (not “adult” adult, but grown-up oriented) arcades, that is).

    thanks for continuing to honor your listeners by sharing your opinions! see you on 47!

  4. admin:

    Excellent suggestions, Chris, especially on U2…we may take them on pretty soon. Not sure how we would review the video game arcade exactly, but I’d like to fit it in just because I am an old fan of video arcades…used to go to one right near where I grew up all the time. I was a tremendous Rygar and Galaga player, actually, to say nothing of Gauntlet. :)


  5. classic chris:

    Oooh! Gauntlet! Very cool! I was a big “Xevious” fan, myself. Also really liked Contra and Crystal Castles (which had tons of “easter eggs” – pretty cool for a game so early on in gaming history). Found an arcade game emulator on the web a couple years ago that had excellent reproductions of tons of the old “stand-up” arcade games. Can’t remember what it is now, something like “gamefly”, but not gamefly (that’s the netflix of gaming, right?) If I locate it, I’ll send it along b/c it was worth being able to relive some of that arcade fun.


    – cc

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