Episode 43 of Upon Further Review!

This week we take on parks, provocative talk shows and podcasts in Episode 43 of Upon Further Review! In this episode we are again joined by guest reviewer Russ of The Mep Report fame, and together we look at our usual trio of items: first, we get in line for fun with our review of amusement parks; second, we fire up the old opinion gauge with our look at the Mike and the Mad Dog sports talk radio program; and finally, we go back to the “Happy Days” of yore with our review of the Just My Show podcast. As always, we are grateful for your continued support and encouragement, and as always, we hope you’ll build on that support by spreading the word about the show! (As usual, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (“You’re My Girl”), outro by David Henderson (“We Gotta Go”).)

Reviewed in this show:

Amusement parks

Mike and the Mad Dog

Just My Show


  1. Michael:

    Great show as usual, guys, and thanks so much for the welcome to Seattle. :) I’m definitely a roller coaster fan. For whatever reason, my fear of heights goes out the window when it comes to roller coasters, and I really get into them. I agree with Clea though about the ones that just drop you… dat’s not cool! My fiance’ is a HUGE Disney Land fan and I’m sure we’ll be making several trips there throughout the years. I’ve yet to go myself though.

    I’ll definitely point you toward our game when it’s out! I’m sure iWin would love all the publicity it could get.

  2. AJ:

    Mike and the Maddog?! I haven’t heard those names since I listened to the FAN as a mere child. I met the Maddog at a charity softball game in like 1989.

    Chris’ time machine DOES work!

    Thanks again guys for the great shows.

  3. DrumIntellect:

    Enjoyable show! I was never a big amusement park person (preferred to watch the nerds play arcade games to actually going on rides), but I know there are many many people into that sort of thing.

    Mike and the Mad Dog are okay and they obviously have a loyal following. I am not a huge fan of them. Sometimes they are unlistenable, like during late January and early February, but that’s true about all sports talk. I think they lean a bit heavy on their “shtick” of Dog being an anti-Yankee (How many times can you hear Dog convert to become a Yankee fan before your stomach curdles over and falls out?) and Mike being all knowing, but then I really Steve Sumers and you can’t really get more “shticky” then him.

    I didn’t realize you were Red Sox fans! I got the impression you were Mets fans. I root for the Brookline Red Sox over the Brooklyn Yankees any day of the week:)

    “Just My Show” sounds interesting. I will check it out. It sounds like you are being a tad too tough on the ‘caster, but that is the nature of this show I guess.

  4. admin:

    Michael: cool, we’re looking forward to seeing it!

    AJ: We aim to please. We’d appreciate it, though, if Chris could let us know about where we can get that time machine of his offline…could use it for so many decisions in the past that could be, er, reset… :)

    DI: Good to hear from you! We agree about the MATMD problems, especially when they go off on one of their cliched rants, but when you compare them to programs out of this market it really is no comparison. The grass is always greener, right? :) And in fairness, Greg is the Red Sox fan…Clea is a Mariners fan, though her second favorite team is the Sox (and we’re all in agreement about the Yankees issue. :) ) We both like the Mets a lot, though…a fun team which doesn’t act like it comes from privilege like a certain other NYC team *ahem*. As to the review, yeah, sometimes when Russ is guest-reviewing it can be a bit more critical than normal–but we’ve actually been in touch with Eric, the show designer since and he said he appreciated (and will implement) many of the suggestions which were made, so that’s cool. The show is a great idea and has a lot of potential.

    Thanks as always for all of the comments and feedback…we’ll have a new show for you guys soon!


  5. shara:

    Ooh Expo! I was there with you Clea. You were the one who talked my mom and I on to the ride. She had to take her glasses off because it went upside down. I think it was the last roller coaster that I ever went on – not counting the kid’s roller coasters (flat hills, no upside downs).

    For exciting rides though, I don’t think anything will top the leaning ferris wheel that I rode on in Mexico (the lean was not intentional). With a six year old girl who I didn’t know, who started crying at the top that she wanted to get down.

  6. admin:

    That’s disturbing, Shara…the leaning ferris wheel, we mean, not the roller coaster (though Greg isn’t surprised that Clea was able to be convincing :) ).

    Hope all is well!


  7. classic chris:

    greg, clea,

    still number one podcast in my book!

    i’m not a thrill ride seeker, but the two scariest rides i ever let myself be convinced to ride were actually not that bad. i really liked space mountain b/c it’s all in the dark so you couldn’t see what was coming. i also liked the flume ride at sea world in orlando. if you haven’t ridden that one, it’s well worth it. you’ll see why once you ride it.

    great to have russ back! in the mike & the mad dog review, russ’ description of the show about how it’s different from the miasma of sports talk radio programs (that is, its absent of much of the ridiculousness of guys shouting opinions at each other) is the reason i actually really want to give mike & the maddog a listen. i hate sports talk radio, always have, but this sounds very refreshing. thanks, russ!

    thanks for another golden cast, everyone! see you on 44!!!

    – chris

  8. classic chris:


    i forgot to mention something from my notes (yes, i am a total UFR nerd. i take notes in my cell phone while listening so i don’t forget things i want to mention on the boards).

    thank you for sharing your insight on podcasting’s power due to its separation from the pressure of corporations. i think that podcasts are such and important medium, and you put it so eloquently.

    mad props. see ya!

    – chris

  9. admin:

    Thanks, Chris…and you take UFR notes? That is not only NOT nerdy, it’s frankly too cool for words. All of you should follow Chris’s lead… :)


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