Episode 42 of Upon Further Review!

This week we celebrate the birth of a nation–at least, if you consider food, fireworks and celebrity fun part of a birthday party the way we do–in Episode 42 of Upon Further Review! In this episode we welcome some new listeners to the fold before getting down to business: first, we chow down with our review of the hot dog; second, we ooh and ah as we look at the art and science of fireworks; and finally, we shake our heads and laugh at ourselves with our review of VH1’s Best Week Ever. As always, we appreciate everyone’s feedback, ideas, and suggestions…and hope you’ll let everyone else know where they can give the same! (As usual, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (“You’re My Girl”), outro by David Henderson (“We Gotta Go”).)

Reviewed in this show:

Hot dogs


Best Week Ever


  1. Michael:

    Hey, guys, good show! I’m moved up here to the Seattle area now, so I’ll have to check out that hotdog stand Cloe mentioned!

  2. admin:

    Congrats, Michael…glad to hear you’ve arrived in the Emerald City (let us know any new cool things you find there)! But be careful about referring to Clea as Cloe…she gets a little sensitive about these things… :)


  3. Michael:

    oops, sorry. I wasn’t thinking! :(

  4. Bernadette in Australia:

    I know you guys (and by you guys I mean Americans) invented hot dogs but I like our (and by our I mean Australian) improvements better. Any hot dog I’ve ever had in the US is just the bread, the sausage and whatever condiments you want. Here in Australia they generally come with cooked bacon pieces, cooked onion, cheese + sauce/mustard (even less healthy than your version but delicious). Plus we toast the bread rather than just warm it.

  5. admin:

    Michael: No problem–Clea thought it was funny. Let us know when you get a job with a new game design company in Seattle…and if you have any review copies of games you ever want to send us, well, we’ll be happy to take them off your hands… :)

    Bernadette: Hi there–it’s good to hear from you again! Since we’re both (sincerely) huge fans of Australia, it doesn’t surprise us that you’ve improved on the hot dog too. That whole cooked bacon, onion, and toasted bread (mmmmmmmm….) sounds tremendous. Sadly it might be a while before we can get back to Oz to deliver our review on the subject…

    Thanks as always for the comments!


  6. Michael:

    Glad she wasn’t *too* offended. :) I’ve started working at a casual games studio here in Seattle called iWin, Inc. Hopefully the first game I would have worked on here will be out in a few months. I’ll definitely see about getting your review! Hope all is well.

  7. admin:

    Awesome, Michael…congratulations on the new job, and yes, we’d love to see the game when it comes out!


  8. AJ:

    While not a Red Sox fan, I have to vote for the Fenway Frank with mustard as my favorite Dog.


  9. admin:

    The Fenway Frank is a classic hot dog (for a classic team :) ). Not sure if it beats Nathan’s for me, but it definitely is a solid choice!


  10. classic chris:

    greg, clea,

    what about the Cincinnati chili dog?! My wife is from Cinci and, while I was reluctant to try them (the thinner chili was foreign to me, being raised with the Texas-style of chili), but they do not disappoint. When we flew into Cincinnati for a wedding, the first thing her family did after landing was drive us directly to one of the two major Cincinnati chili dog places. If you haven’t tried them, it’s a must.

    And we’re HUGE VH1 fans, so watching best week ever is a staple in our house. Clea, you did a great job of characterizing the show, and it is a great way to have fun while hearing pop culture news.

    Still going strong, you guys. See you on 43!

  11. classic chris:

    greg, clea,

    some suggestions for reviews that this podcast made me think of:

    (1) VH1’s Celebreality, as a whole. Is it funny? sad? annoying? what do you think? i’m talking everything from Flavor of Love to Brett Michael’s Rock of Love, The Two Coreys, Man Band (ESPECIALLY Man Band), I Love New York…

    (2) Kathy Griffin vis-a-vis her self proclaimed D-List reign. I thought she was completely annoying in Suddenly Susan, and is pretty annoying whenever she tries to play a role or character (like on the red carpet), but as herself, she’s a genuinely funny and fascinating person.

    thanks for considering!

    – chris

  12. admin:

    Well, chili dogs are a quality food, without question. I see you went through the same thing I went through when I first visited Clea’s neck of the woods, which is a food tour…not that I complained too much. :) Clea will probably have more to say about BH 1 in the future. And the next time Russ is on the show he might have a whole lot to say about Kathy Griffin, who he considers worse than people who kick puppies, and probably less friendly. For whatever reason, he loathes her. Clea seems neutral…and at the moment I am also on the fence, though that could change in the future, I suppose! But we will definitely consider a review of her.


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