Upon Further Review In Norway–Our First Video Has Arrived, Part One!

Well, we promised you something special after our trip, and we hope we’ve delivered with this, the first full-length film from Upon Further Review! In this episode you’ll both see and hear our experiences with the fjords, food, cities and people of Norway. Watch glaciers and high-speed ferries collide (no, not literally!) as we explore the fascinating Scandinavian land of Viking myth and legend–and, as you might expect, we’ll have a few ratings to dole out as well. Because of the length of the film, we’ve split it into two parts; we’ve posted Part One here, and will post Part Two here next week. After that we’ll post the full length video onsite, and may even make the full-length DVD available if people are interested in it. Either way, as always we’re grateful for feedback, ideas, and of course your continued listenership–and we hope you’ll continue to spread the word about the show!


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  1. Michael:

    Cool video guys. Looks like you had a good time! Looking forward to part 2.

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