Episode 40 of Upon Further Review!

This week we look at crime, games, and emerald cities, pretty much in that order, in Episode 40 of Upon Further Review! In this episode we say hello to new and old listeners before moving on to the heart of the show: first, we look at the second longest running show in television history with our review of Law and Order; second, we ready sword and shield as we give our impressions of the Nintendo Wii game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess; and finally, we look into the finer points of coffee, fish markets and computer companies as we review the city of Seattle. As always, we appreciate your thoughts, ideas and opinions, and as you all know, the more you tell others about the show the more we like it! (As usual, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (“You’re My Girl”), outro by David Henderson (“We Gotta Go”).)

Reviewed in this show:

Law and Order

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



  1. Michael:

    Great show, guys. Thanks for the Seattle review! I’m actually moving up there because my fiance’ lives there right now. So for the last year I’ve been having to drive 4 hours every other weekend or so from Oregon to see her, and as you can imagine, that’s getting old for the both of us. So, I’m going to make the move. I’m currently trying to find a job up there in my game development field. Hey, you know the founder of Flagship, right? Drop my name sometime! ;) I’ve been to the Key Arena for a concert, and it’s definitely a very nice complex. What do you guys know about cost of living? From what I know, it’s probably pretty high. I’m actually considering living out in the Bremerton/Silverdale/Gig Harbor area and taking the ferry to Seattle for my job (once I get one) due to the house costs being so crazy. But anyway, thanks for the great show! I’ll try to think of some more ideas for you.

  2. DrumIntellect:

    I like the idea of you rating listener’s question about Seattle.

    Thanks for the shout-out!

    I’ve never done any of the three things you mentioned, but out of all them I’m most apt, based on your review, to actually watch an episode of “Law And Order”.

  3. Chris:

    Greg, Clea,

    Fantastic show! (having a hard time catching up, so i’m going to skip to the future, leave my mark here and then back to continue the old shows. kind of like you all and your plod through Law & Order on DVD…)

    Big fan of Law & Order, but actually prefer SVU myself. So funny that you described Criminal Intent as “the one with the really bad actor”. That guy is painful, and the lifeless partner he has is no help, either.

    I might try to find Zelda for the Nintendo DS (my wife has one) – at least one of the Zelda games, but it’s always great to hear about games that are kind of special for one system. I mean, I like that PS2 gets most popular games, but it’s also neat that there are a few games out there that are loyal to one system or another. Don’t know why, but I just like that.

    About video games… I’ve played a few different ones lately and I seem to be having trouble getting into one genre or whatever one might call it. The two I recently tried and really hated are Kindgom Hearts II and Super Monkey Ball Adventure. Both really had potential, I thought, but I just don’t have the patience for the long story segments, speech bubbles, and lack of tutorials that both suffered from. Any opinions on these types of games? I guess they might be of Japanese origin, and maybe it’s just a culture thing. Would love to hear something along those lines…

    Seattle sounds nice. Only been near the west coast (Vegas), but love the northern US and Seattle does seem like it’s got lots to see and do. That was an excellent idea for a review!

    Hope all is well in Norway. Was listening to the review of the Eclectic Review podcast and not sure if you recall, but you mentioned that one stop on George’s world tour was Norway… any chance you were able to step in his footprints?

    Thanks for all your hard work. Look forward to 41. But now, back into the time machine…

    – Chris

  4. AJ:

    Zelda was my favorite game back in the 80s and hearing you describe the lovely golden cartridge brought back many pleasant memories. All you need to do now is review the Thundercats and I can completely relive my glory days.

    Chris, where’s your time machine?!


  5. admin:

    Hurrah, a dialogue! Keep it up, guys…this is great.

    Michael: We’ll do what we can on the name dropping front, though no amount of name dropping seems to have gotten Flagship to agree to put out a game based on Greg’s still unpublished novel. What these people need is vision! :)

    D.I.: Law and Order is well worth it…such a cool show.

    Chris: Thanks for jumping out of the time machine for a brief moment…you’re bound to catch up eventually, as you’re listening to our shows at a much faster clip than we could ever produce them! We’ll think about the Japanese video game thing…Greg does indeed have a couple of ideas about that, but they will have to wait until our next regular show.

    AJ: WOOT for the Thundercats! Greg was a big fan…though having seen a couple of episodes recently he realized how dated they are. But still, nothing is as cool as Lion-o summoning the Thundercats…even in 2007. :)

    Thanks for all the comments, everyone, and please keep it up!


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