Episode 38 of Upon Further Review!

We’re back with another heaping helping of ideas, information and interesting items (okay, we’ll lay off of the alliteration now) in Episode 38 of Upon Further Review!  In this episode we thank our listeners, particularly our new friends from Sluggy Freelance and elsewhere, before moving on to the main event:  first, we look at the life and legacy of the late Kurt Vonnegut; second, wii get moving (literally) with our review of the Nintendo Wii; and finally, we listen and learn as we take a look at the How-To Girl vidcast.

Finally, we conclude the show with exactly 33 seconds of silence, one second for every person lost in the Virginia Tech shootings.  Our hearts go out to all those affected by this awful tragedy, and we hope you will all find the peace which can only come with time and patience.  (Podsafe intro music provided by Sharif (“You’re My Girl”).)

Reviewed in this show:

Kurt Vonnegut

Nintendo Wii

How-To Girl


  1. DrumIntellect:

    Re the Wii:
    Having wireless devices has to be a massive improvement over the wire-snarls that is my game-controller experience. (Congrats on your golf win, even if it was by one stroke, better a one stroke win than a one stroke loss.)

  2. admin:

    It is an improvement…and you should see the snarl of wires behind our computer for a real unmitigated snarl disaster! As for the golf win, bah…I demand a rematch. :)


  3. classic chris:

    clea, greg,

    cool. too cool.

    i think the wii has tons of potential, and i really hope it survives in the microsoft/sony universe. the web browser addition is a huge bonus in my opinion. if it weren’t still pretty cost prohibitive, i’d be seriously considering one. for now, though, i’ll stick to my PS2’s eye-toy games. do you all have the eye-toy? i think i mentioned it on an earlier post, but there is a wonderful game called Kinetic that comes with the eye-toy. It’s an exercise game that has so many cool bells and whistles that it’s hard to describe here, but suffice to say it’s highly interactive and works really well. Contrary to the wii, no lying on the couch playing option here. A fantastic and fun workout. Well worth the price (especially since it comes with the eye-toy! all for less than $40 in most places).

    recalling my post about the nostalgic enjoyment you bring, aside from vonnegut’s legacy of work, i think it’s just so awesome that he took a role in the movie “back to school” with rodney dangerfield. Anyone remember? dangerfield’s character gets a bad grade on his paper on vonnegut, and then confronts vonnegut – who wrote the paper for him…

    thanks for a great show, and so honorable of you to give time to respect the losses in the vt tragedy. the world is a scary place.

    see you on 39.

    – chris

  4. admin:

    Actually the Wii isn’t too bad cost-wise, if you can find one…they’re still in fairly short supply, and supposedly will still be through the holidays. But no regrets on our end–Clea is almost done with Super Paper Mario and I’ve almost finished Zelda, and then Metroid is up next. (All of this is playing for the two or three hours a week we can squeeze in–some day we’d love to take a “game vacation,” where we do nothing at all valuable or important to mankind and simply play games all day long. Ahhhh… :) )

    We do remember Vonnegut’s role in that movie–and do you remember what Dangerfield’s character’s professor said about the paper when he handed it back? “Whoever wrote this obviously knows nothing about Vonnegut.” :)


  5. classic chris:

    LOL! A greatly under-appreciated film, indeed!

    I’ve just embarked on a “game vacation” of sorts (if I can swing it)… after a short but unexpected transition period, I just got a new job and I start next Wednesday!!! So i’ve got to go and get through as much PS2, PSP and Nintendo DS (hey, what about this game that I think is on the Wii, as well as DS: Brain Age? Have you played? It’s amazing!) as I can!

    Thanks for keeping up your end of the conversation! :-)

    – cc

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