Shameless plug…

…for my band’s new CD. You may have heard me mention this on the show before, but I thought I would post it here as well–our first album DRIFT has recently been released, and so we’re trying to spread the word to the masses as best we can. It’s gotten positive press from a number of different quarters, for which we’re grateful…and has even been featured on Eclectic Mix, a podcast we reviewed on UFR several weeks ago. So if you’re interested in progressive rock (or good music of any kind, at least :) ), please head over to The Road’s official website where you can listen to and, if you’re so inclined, purchase a copy of the CD (only $11 through CD Baby!). Thanks!


P.S. Our official CD release party will be at The Mean Fiddler in New York City on April 21st (you can find details about that on our site as well)–our band will be performing (obviously) with some other great bands opening and closing, and we’ll even have comedians between sets–including Clea! If you’re in the area, we’d love to see you there (with lots of friends, of course… :) ).


  1. AJ:

    Sen. Chris Dodd is asking the public to load his ipod. Maybe you’ll make it to the campaign trail.


    (By the way, great music!)

  2. AJ:

    Link should be: http://www.chrisdodd.com/doddpod


  3. admin:

    Thanks, AJ–not sure whether Dodd is looking for progressive rock, but since I grew up in Connecticut there might be a connection in some respect. Maybe we’ll throw our considerable weight (er, sort of) behind his campaign IF he agrees to make The Road his official band. I could see people getting behind that, right?


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