New episode of UFR coming soon…

Hi all–just wanted to let all our loyal listeners know that our new episode will be out shortly…we ended up running around more than we had expected last week, and post production has been delayed as a result. But Episode 35 will be up soon, with some brand new review requests from listeners to cover. Thanks for your patience, and we’ll see you soon.

The Reviewers


  1. AJax Florida:

    We await your wisdom.


  2. The Gallivantings of Daniel Franklin:

    […] Okay, I’m supposed to contact the person on my right, in this case, a blog called Upon Further Review. I hope that I could get my hands on this book once it’s published. OLE! So how’s your Friday so far? […]

  3. Gallivanter:

    Aloha, apparently some dude’s will be using our photos that appeared in the 2k bloggers project as the cover for his upcoming book, Join The Conversation. :-)

    I’m supposed to contact you: http://danielfranklingomez.com/blog/2007/03/16/join-the-conversation-book-cover/

    And once you’re done with this, you need to inform the blog that’s on the right of your photo listed in the 2k bloggers website. I have the links on my page.


  4. DrumIntellect:

    You knew they’d find a way to make a chain:)

  5. classic chris:

    i’m very excited for ep. 36 b/c i got the inside scoop from AJ on a hot topic to be discussed. Can’t wait!!

    – chris

  6. admin:

    DI: It’s always the way, isn’t it?

    Chris: Cool!


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