Episode 33 of Upon Further Review!

Love is in the air with our Valentine’s Day edition of Upon Further Review! In Episode 33 we discuss why 1 might be the loneliest number (in a way) as we examine three aspects of romance: first, we look at Valentine’s Day and what makes it the most loved (and hated) holiday of them all; second, we examine the culinary parts of affection with our review of the Water’s Edge and Madison Bistro restaurants; and finally, we check out how romantic a silent movie can be with our take on That Old Silent Film. As always, we appreciate the love from all of you…and ask that you spread it around by telling others about the show! (As usual, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (“You’re My Girl”), outro by David Henderson (“We Gotta Go”).)

Reviewed in this show:

Valentine’s Day

Water’s Edge

Madison Bistro

That Old Silent Film


  1. Bernadette in Australia:

    I have to say this. I know it’s not your personal fault that the word holiday has been abused like it is but since you are so fond of reviewing “holidays” I feel compelled to bring it up.

    Here in Oz a holiday is a day off work. Public holidays are days that most businesses and Govt are closed (eg Christmas, Australia Day). Holidays (without the public) are days/weeks when you take time off work (you would call them vacation days).

    A day dedicated to something but where it isn’t generally accompanied by time off work is not a “holiday”.

    So Valentines day, Halloween etc etc are not called holidays. Has this meaning always applied in the US?

    Keep up the great work

  2. admin:

    You make an excellent point as always, Bernadette. In America I think the term has become broadly applicable to any “special” day–not necessarily for small stuff like “Boss’s Day” or something, but certainly for the major days. But since we don’t get days like Valentine’s Day off work either, it really isn’t a holiday. I’m not sure what else we would call it, though…maybe a DOOTN (“Day Out Of The Norm”)? :)


  3. DrumIntellect:

    It’s been my opinion that “holiday” is really “holy day” joined together. As such, the American usage of the word is more correct – a holiday being a day of significance and not just a day away from work.

  4. classic chris:

    greg, clea,

    it never stops. one great show after another after another….

    on the subject of cards, my wife is a multi-card giver. i don’t think i ever have received one card for any occasion. it’s usually two or three, and i love it. one of our favorite stand up comedy bits is Kevin James’ bit about greeting cards where women are so touched by cards, and love the card selection process, while guys sign the cards in the driveway and when receiving a card are pretty much confused about ‘um… can i throw it away now, or…?’

    the discussion above is interesting. i always like to hear bernadette’s perspective on things, because i’m fascinated with Australia, but DrumIntellect(ed) makes a good point about linguistics. Yet another reason I’d love to hear you review the English language. It’s just so rich with pitfalls and complexities, and then again you have some who use it so brilliantly (I think of William Goldman, author of The Princess Bride, Tom Stoppard, playwright for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, among others, the movie Clue, or David Mamet — how ’bout those for some possible review suggestions?).

    Getting closer to the present… see you on 34!!!

  5. admin:

    In our case the card thing is even more complicated, since we do things like write around the outside of the envelope…one of those traditions which was a good idea ten years ago but now is awfully hard to keep going. As for the review suggestions, definitely…in fact The Princess Bride is one of Greg’s favorite movies, so it would be worth a review just for that (and Mamet is great, if a bit too much in love with profanity…)


  6. classic chris:

    yes, the profanity of mamet can be over the top. it’s really more of the real dialog style that I find very interesting…

    thanks for your responses to my comments!

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