The jury of our peers…

…has been kind enough to nominate us as a finalist in the Public Service category over at the Podcast Peers awards! Now we think there are some other great shows there as well, but if you are a podcaster who likes what we’re doing we’d appreciate a vote (and other than here and on the forums at Podcast Pickle we’re not going to mention it anywhere else…)
See you all for our next show, to be released soon!


  1. classic chris:

    congratulations on entering the finals in the podcast peers awards! good luck! you deserve at least that recognition, and much, much more for your hard work, dedication, and excellent delivery!

  2. admin:

    Thanks, Chris…as always, we are humbled and grateful for your support, as well as that of all of our listeners/fans/fellow opinion givers! Please spread the word and keep the comments coming!


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