Weeeeeeeeeee are the champions, my friennnnddddddssssssssss……..

Well, as announced on our last show, your friendly neighborhood reviewers made it to the championship game of the Celebrity Podcaster Fantasy Football League…and while we don’t like to gloat, well, we basically took it to the house. That’s right–we won the championship, and the trophy will be residing right here at Upon Further Review for the next year (we’ll do what we can to keep it nice and shiny for our title defense). In all seriousness, we’re grateful to Steve from the Extra Points Fantasy Football Podcast and Wicked Good Podcast fame for inviting us to the league, and we had a great time with everyone there (and if you’d like to know more, we will be guest starring on Extra Points next week, so head over to check it out). Our rating of the league–and our victory–a 10/10 (cue touchdown celebration dance). We’ll have our new holiday show out for you all tomorrow, but in the meantime, we present the following graphic for any possible skeptics out there…


Fantasy Football Glory!


  1. dmelliott:

    Am falling in love with you. It is hard to find intelegent, well spoken, and informed people in podcasting. Keep up the good work.

  2. admin:

    Well, that’s very kind of you, dmelliott…let’s not move too quickly on the love thing, though (we’d like to take that slow. :) ) No, in all seriousness, thanks so much, and welcome to the Upon Further Review family! We hope to see you around these parts a lot in future.


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