Episode 25 of Upon Further Review!

It’s our silver anniversary, and we’re waxing nostalgic (and poetic) in Episode 25 of Upon Further Review! In this show we dive right into a tale of four reviews (not two, with apologies to Charles Dickens): first, we look at a delicious slice of Americana with our review of Friendly’s restaurants; second, we try not to read too much into things as we look at the famous novel Bleak House; third, we follow the narrative even further into the movie Stranger Than Fiction; and finally, we reach the episode’s denouement as we review the next podcast from the Smart Bomb Radio network, Barfly. As always we are grateful for your continued (and increasing!) support, and encourage you to keep up your feedback, suggestions, ideas and opinions…and of course hope you will continue to spread the word about the show! (As usual, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (“You’re My Girl”), outro by David Henderson (“We Gotta Go”).)

Reviewed in this show:


Bleak House

Stranger Than Fiction



  1. chris:

    Clea, Greg,

    Ahhh, Friendly’s! Brings a smile to my face and a nostalgic tear to my eye! One of my first jobs was as a cook at Friendly’s. IF you ever ate in the Friendly’s in Clifton Park, NY in the late 80s and the food was a little less than perfect, sorry. But that’s what you get when you have 16/17 year olds cooking… The ice cream is the stuff, though. My weakness is the Reese’s Pieces sundae. Remember when it was only available in the giant fish bowl 5-scoop size? Those were the days!

    Never took the time to learn what Bleak House was about. I’m intrigued! Would I have the intestinal fortitude to pick up that masterpiece?! Does it come in an audio version, I wonder? You might drop on the floor when I tell you about some of the classics that passed me by. For example, my wife is perplexed at how i worked at a bookstore for 7 years, yet still have never read Catcher in the Rye. I’ll probably retire eventually. I’ll read then.

    Getting closer to the present! See you on 26!!!

    – Chris

  2. admin:

    Yep…Greg had friends who did the Friendly’s cooking thing too. Clea is a huge fan of the Reese’s sundae, while Greg (though he likes that for sure) is a Swiss Chocolate Almond or Chocolate Marshmallow sundae guy. Only rum raisin reaches his “not a chance” meter…

    BLEAK HOUSE is a masterpiece–truly incredible, though not a quick read. Greg is pretty sure it is in audio form, though that experience is of course a bit different. As for CATCHER IN THE RYE, Greg thinks you’re not missing anything…heaven help Holden Caufield and the rest if we ever review that book! Blech.

    Speaking of retirement, Chris, since we don’t think we have asked before–where is your work (i.e., what do you do while listening to us? :) )


  3. Chris:

    Well, thanks for asking!

    2nd part 1st: I listen in the car on the way to/from work and to/from buildings. I work at a large health insurance company in northeast Florida (hesitate to say the name because it’s kind of a skittish company, but maybe a sort of rebus puzzle in words would do:
    primary color beginning with the letter b + lower case t + primary color beginning with the letter b + what a knight protects himself with)
    Currently, I’m in a job called “Communications Consultant.” I’m responsible for making sure that people understand and accept new technologies and business processes in the company. I get to do a lot of cool things beyond corporate newsletter articles and plain ol’ email. Lots of video production (not your father’s talking head videos, but real comic/dramatic/documentary types), Flash animations, secret decoder rings (yes, that’s right, secret decoder rings), and anything else to get the message across. The company is pretty risk averse, so streaming isn’t an option, nor is what sounded like a cool trick of using google translator (oops, that’s in the future). But I use the heck out of my PSP and if there were a way to poll it, I bet more of your content has passed through its circuits than anything to date.

    Hoping to have a website up with video demo reels and other stuff, so i’ll make sure to share it when I get it online.

    Thanks, again, for asking. See ya!

    – Chris

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