Episode 24 of Upon Further Review!

Welcoming back guest reviewer Russ of Mep Report fame, we serve up a tasty buffet of reviews in Episode 24 of Upon Further Review! In honor of the season, we give thanks for our listeners and fans before getting into the meat of the episode, so to speak: first, we pay homage to the food/football/family fiesta known in America as Thanksgiving; second, we ask what is objective knowledge (and who decides?) with our review of Wikipedia; and finally, we ask what truly is lowfat as we review the cooking vidcast Feed Me Bubbe. As always, we’re thankful (of course) for your ideas, opinions and comments, and we ask that you continue to spread the word about the show! (As usual, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (“You’re My Girl”), outro by David Henderson (“We Gotta Go”).)

Reviewed in this show:



Feed Me Bubbe


  1. Joe:

    Wiki is wack. They all swarm in like vultures. The rating you gave was too nice for even them. Go with a 1 next time.

  2. Tim Byatt:

    I’m not a big fan of Wiki either but it does serve a purpose. It is a often a good starting point to find information.

    When it becomes the end point of your information search or is used as a reference in essays is the point where people are putting too much faith in it.

    I enjoyed the show as always.

    Best Regards,

  3. admin:

    Agreed, Tim…but I’m starting to become convinced that it may be suspect even as a starting point for information, given the number of errors which are made about basic aspects of a given subject on Wikipedia. Whether that makes Wikipedia “wack”–well, that’s up to you. :) Welcome also to Joe! We hope you’ll stick around and become an active contributor.


  4. Chris:

    It’s a nice information consolidation source though. Notice how it’s usually the first entry you get when you google something. I like the fact that with a wikipedia search you often end up with a real page with actual useful links unlike with google where half the stuff just seems like spam. It often serves the purpose of quickly finding out what something is that you’ve never heard of before.

    I keep it as my homepage because the featured articles are usually pretty fascinating, and serve as a good model for what the page is supposed to be.

  5. chris:

    Greg, Clea,

    Trying to catch up, but it’s harder than you’d think! Especially due to the intense euphoria after each show that takes hours to wash away :-)

    All I can say about Wikipedia is “some pigs are more equal than others.”

    Don’t let the bastards grind you down, though. There’s always a way to make those connections… it’ll happen!

    Thanks, again, all! Keep it up and I’ll keep listening and referring whenever possible! See you on your 1/4 century episode!

    – Chris

    – Chris

  6. admin:

    Good grief, Chris–intense euphoria? Making us blush and stuff…

    Greg is still on the whole anti-Wikipedia train, and will continue to be so until he receives satisfaction from the “democratic majority” there…represented currently by some dude who doesn’t think the band THE ROAD is important. Bah. This is what happens when you don’t listen to the Benjamins of the world, at least from Orwell’s perspective, right? :)
    As always, thanks for the comments!


  7. Chris:

    Maybe it’s the fault of the democratic approach to the problem… perhaps there’s more of a right way to get things done…

    Sorry, couldn’t resist jumping on the political homonym…

    But yes, it’s always some dude who ruins it for everybody.

    Thanks for responding to all my comments :-) See ya!

    – Chris

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