Episode 19 of Upon Further Review!

It’s another week and another round of thoughts, views and opinions as we proudly present Episode 19 of Upon Further Review! In this show we sympathize with Clea, dealing with allergies and a cold (though in the fine UFR tradition, she refuses to let a little illness get her down!), before moving on to the main section of the show: first, we raise the ultimate question (what IS the Matrix?) with our review of Toyota’s newest and hippest car; second, we nurse ourselves back to health as we examine the effervescent effectiveness (say that five times fast) of Airborne; and finally, we mix it up a little (okay, a lot) with our review of the Eclectic Mix podcast. As always, we want to send out our thanks to all of you for listening…and if you keep giving us feedback, spreading the word, and coming back for more, there’s a lot more thanks where that came from! (As usual, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (“You’re My Girl”), outro by David Henderson (“We Gotta Go”).)

Reviewed in this show:

Toyota Matrix


Eclectic Mix


  1. chris:

    Greg, Clea,

    Fantastic show!

    One thing about Airborne and another one that people seem to gravitate to — EmergenC: It can be addicting. Have you ever considered or heard anything about people overdoing it with these? Not regarding toxicity, but some people take these daily and it seems there would be diminishing returns on the effectiveness.

    Cool car! recently bought a new car myself (sorry, A.J. I’m out of the CR-V club :-( Got a Mercury Mariner – their mid-size SUV. Love it! Has a lot of the same types of things you talk about with the Matrix. Not as cool of a name, though…

    Eclectic mix is so great! Love the idea of new music being given exposure!

    Thanks, again! See you on big number 20!!!!

    – Chris

  2. admin:

    Chris, we have to say–and we mean this absolutely without sarcasm–that having someone as enthusiastic as you as a fan is a big boost to us. In fact all of our commenters really keep us going, and we really appreciate everyone chiming in.

    On EmergenC–Clea actually uses that on occasion, though we have found Airborne to be more effective. The issue is less daily use (since so few people really get all the vitamins they need on a daily basis) and more overdoing it in a rush, when you get sick and feel you need to compensate by downing six trillion Vitamin C sources. It’s pretty hard to overdose on Vitamin C anyway, but in general terms moderation is a good approach for most of this stuff…

    Thanks as always for the comments!

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