Browsers, buttons, and you…

Hi all,
We’ve heard from a couple of listeners that our website looks a little strange when viewed in Internet Explorer 6.0 (specifically that a couple of the buttons on the sidebar look like little red Xs…)–and while we’re aware of the issue, there is unfortunately little we can do to fix it. IE 6.0 is in fact the ONLY browser in which UFR doesn’t look optimal–we’ve tried it on Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera–even Internet Explorer 7.0 works fine. Research has demonstrated that apparently IE 6.0 doesn’t play nice with a lot of websites…which has led to some people actually designing an entirely new website just for IE. As much as we love you all, we simply don’t have the time (or bandwidth :) ) to create a whole new page just because Microsoft doesn’t know how to make its browsers compatible. Our suggestion is to use Firefox, which if you haven’t already tried it is an exceptional browser–far faster and more full featured than IE (and with a better pop-up blocker, by the way). But if you want to stick with IE, upgrading to 7.0 will give you a better experience in browsing generally, and will allow you to see our website in all its multicolored glory. In the meantime, we apologize for the inconvenience–and if it’s Bill Gates who happens to be reading this message, well, Bill, you’ve been put on notice. Unless you want to be the target of our first ever 1 out of 10 review, get your darn browsers compatible! Please?


  1. Bernadette in Australia:

    Hi Greg

    I finally got around to upgrading to IE7. It’s funky but doesn’t make any difference to how your site looks on my ‘puter – still got no buttons over there

  2. admin:

    I’m sorry about that, as I thought that IE 7 would make a difference (I had tried a beta version and it was fine). I’m afraid it just confirms how much better Firefox (and every other browser :) ) is than the clunky IE…but I understand that IE plays better with certain Microsoft based systems, so you may not want or be able to switch–but if you can, I think you’d be much happier with Firefox! I’ll keep thinking about an alternative solution in the meantime, though–thanks for the headsup.

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