The reviews just keep on coming…

We just wanted to take a moment to thank Bernadette (a long time listener) for her thoughtful review of Upon Further Review at Podcast Fanatic, where she has become a regular podcast review columnist–we’ll take her suggestions under advisement, and we appreciate the feedback. Speaking of feedback: one of Bernadette’s comments is that our “comments” sections are underutilized…and we’re looking at all of YOU, dear listeners! :) Seriously, we understand that everyone’s busy, and the most important thing to us is that you’re listening to and being entertained and educated by our show…but please drop us a line or a comment when you can, since (as you know) we always appreciate and welcome thoughtful opinions. She also suggests that we implement an additional method of organization for our reviews, and we wanted to remind everyone that you can find such a method at our Reviewed Items page, where every item we’ve reviewed on the show is listed by category (along with the episode where you can find the review). Hopefully this will address some of Bernadette’s suggestions–and our thanks again for making them!

P.S. We don’t want to forget to thank all those who have left positive reviews for us on iTunes…thanks so much, and more such reviews from other listeners would be very much appreciated if you’re inclined to leave them!


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