Episode 15 of Upon Further Review!

We try not to take ourselves that seriously to begin with, but we’re definitely just playing around in Episode 15 of Upon Further Review! In this episode we welcome our guest reviewer, Steve from the Wicked Good Podcast and the Extra Points Fantasy Football Podcast, who joins us in our survey of gaming fun: first, we take a look at the wild world of online game rentals with our review of Gamefly; second, we’re ready for some football with our take on Yahoo Fantasy Football; and finally, we wander through a pop culture paradise as we review the Nowhere in Mulberry podcast. As always, we are grateful for your continued support and encouragement, and ask that you spread the word about our show–and pat yourself on the back for being the loyal UFR listener you are! (As usual, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (“You’re My Girl”), outro by David Henderson (“We Gotta Go”).)

Reviewed in this show:


Yahoo Fantasy Football

Nowhere in Mulberry


  1. Chris:

    Clea, Greg, Steve,

    I hate to gush, but you never disappoint. Tremendous show, yet again.

    In the Gamefly review, Clea, you made a comment about it changing gaming habits. Very astute, in my humble opinion, as it made me think of how joining Netflix really changed my wife and my movie watching habits — for the better, I think. As Greg and Steve pointed out, the lack of less mainstream things in Blockbuster (both games and movies) either discourages one from going there too often or directs you toward things that you might not really care about, but you just get something b/c you’re there. I’m considering Gamefly, but thinking about really making sure I think my gaming time is worth the tradeoff. As an east-coaster, hope that by now (or, in the future, if I were commenting around release time of this cast) there’s an east coast warehouse. But definitely encouraged and will be able to make an educated decision.

    Regarding fantasy football, great review by all. Very in-depth and fun. I liked how Steve and Clea pointed out how this can make you more interested in the game. One thing that got me more familiar and interested in football was Madden. I’ve never been much for getting into pro sports, but it’s true that having some fun and participating in something like fantasy football or a well constructed simulation really expands your horizons.

    Steve is an excellent guest. Hope to hear him again on your show. After his visit, I listened to the Wicked Good Podcast. Not really my bag, but not a bad show. There is one thing that kind of bugged me about it, but I won’t fill up here. i’ll send right to them. I think I’ll give Extra Points a listen, too, because, as I said, I really like Steve as a broadcaster and maybe it was just the couplecast aspect that didn’t appeal so much to me about WGP…

    My commute has never been this good! Kind of apprehensive now about finishing all of these and then having to wait week to week, but living in the present! See you on 16!

    – Chris

  2. admin:

    Hey Chris,

    First of all, our apologies–some of your comments ended up in our spam filter, and I often delete all of them (we get upwards of a hundred a day) without looking through them…I’ll have to be more careful about that from now on. Second, thanks for the kind words as always! We’re in Norway at the moment, so we’ll have a lot to say about fjords soon enough…but in the meantime, please continue to give us your great feedback!


  3. Chris:

    fjords?! fjantastic?!

    thanks, greg! i’ll be more patient with the comments, but won’t slow down writing them. i love this show!!

    har en stor kopler ut! (according to ets. freetranslation. com, that’s “have a great trip!” in norwegian… found it through a cool online translation aggregator, in case you’re interested: www. translation-services-usa. com / free.shtml)

    – chris

  4. admin:

    Thanks as always, Chris…so far, so good. Lots of good video footage to be found as well!


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