Episode 2 of Upon Further Review!

For new and old visitors alike, we’re proud to present Episode 2 of Upon Further Review (you didn’t think this was a one-time event, did you?) In this show we discuss the finer points of fine (and not-so-fine) restaurants as we review Burrito Loco and Per Se, and wrap up with a review of the show from everyone’s favorite wild man, El Nacho: Rambling Retard Rampage! Please leave a comment or contact us in any one of the many possible ways, and thanks for the growing support of the show! (Additional podsafe music is provided in this episode by Musicos Unidos de Latino America and Two Violins; as always, the intro music is provided by Sharif (“Youre My Girl”), outro by David Henderson (“We Gotta Go”).)

Reviewed in this show:

Burrito Loco

Per Se

Rambling Retard Rampage


  1. El Nacho:

    yo! thanks. ill check it out soon, but it ain’t showin up in the feed:

    wussup wit dat?

  2. admin:

    I’ll check into it and see what the problem is…not sure why it isn’t showing up in the feed for you.


  3. El Nacho:

    k, im direct downloading now, but yeah feed still aint workin

    do you have a banner or something that’s 120 px wide? needa getcha some linkage under my site. 120X120, a bit taller or much shorter, anywhere between there, yeah.

  4. El Nacho:

    (hey! use ID3 tags!)

  5. El Nacho:

    that 1991 is the promo, keeps it at the bottom of the feed ;)
    Has been 11 months, yeah
    No 15-year-old sympathy pass? Aw, shux.

    So, it sounds like everyone should subscribe to my show in a year or two. Heh.
    5 hours! gah! that would take me months

    Hey, i got a 4.0 with all honors classes (1 year ahead in math), course im doin my homework (8th grade)

    so, that was a helpful review. ill definitely have to think of a way to string stuff together better. i agree that everything’s too, uh, fastpaced. one thing’s over, the other thing starts, yeah.

    so, spot on review, thanks.

    and firesign theater as in http://www.firesigntheater.com/podcasting/ yes? Hadn’t heard of it. Let’s eat poems #2 didn’t sound funny at all. just a poem. Let’s try Anti-ballistic missiles…

  6. admin:

    Glad you liked it, Nach…we try to be as helpful as possible (unless we’re talking about Time Warner Cable Broadband, which is an entirely different situation :) ). Still working on the feed issue (podcasting from the server side still isn’t exactly user friendly), and I sent you a banner by E-mail…let me know if you got it okay. Otherwise, please just spread the word!


  7. admin:

    Problem fixed, and as usual it was the most obvious answer…Confucius say if wish to put shows in feed, help to have “RSS” and “Atom” boxes checked on each show. Sigh…anyway, let me know if you’re able to access it through the feed now!


  8. El Nacho:

    yeah i can get it

    and hey, dont knock timewarner! i seem to have been just contacted for some new show by AOL where i have a chance to win $10,000…

  9. admin:

    Heh. Trust me, even if I didn’t have problems with Time Warner, I wouldn’t follow you down the golden path to AOL (*shudder*). There’s a reason that 1. AOL subscribers used to be called “hourglass people” when they were trying to play Diablo back in the day and 2. that AOL recently won the top prize for “Worst Technological Product Of The Past Twenty Years.” :) But of course we’re rooting for you in the show! (What show, by the way?)


  10. El Nacho:

    yeah, have you heard that call of the guy trying to cancel his AOL service? ridiculous. i heard it on NLO

    and i dunt really know if im allowed to talk about it or whatever, didnt specify, but i guess yell just have to wait with the rest of the world

  11. Clea:

    El Nacho – I don’t know about the firesign podcasting, I was referring to the classic albums produced in the 1970’s; like “Don’t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers”


  12. Chris:

    So cool to hear about Firesign Theater! I thoguht I was one of the only people who ever listened to them. Nick Danger Private Eye is one of my favorite comedy “bits” (not really a bit since it’s like 45m long), and brings me back to my childhood. I agree that El Nacho would enjoy these, and hopefully keep the Firesign spirit alive.

    That’s all. See you on ep 3…

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