Greetings and salutations!

Welcome, one and all, to Upon Further Review, the new review podcast/website where two ex-debaters finally get the last word…on everything. Every week Greg and Clea will release a new half-hour episode of reviewing goodness for your listening pleasure, and anything and everything is fair game–movies, plays, television shows, games, personal hygiene products (er…maybe), restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, podcasts, and anything else we (or you) can think of. Take a look at our Contact page to find out more about how you can get involved with the show–we’re always looking for new things to review, so please feel free to make suggestions or other random comments semi-related to the show through the various contact methods. Between episodes, Greg and Clea will periodically post various bits of information, including mini-reviews as the situation warrants and time permits.

Thanks for coming by and checking out Upon Further Review. We hope you like what you hear, and we look forward to hearing a lot more from you all (like you can look forward to hearing a lot more from us)!

The Reviewers


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