Episode 1 of Upon Further Review!

Here it is, folks…the long-awaited inaugural episode of Upon Further Review (and you didn’t even know you were awaiting it before, did you)? In this show we introduce ourselves and the premise behind UFR before tackling Time Warner Cable (boo) and X-Men III. Please let us know what you think! (Our music, by the way, is provided in the introduction by Sharif (“You’re My Girl”) and in the conclusion by David Henderson (“We Gotta Go”)…all podsafe, of course.)

Reviewed in this show:

Time Warner Cable



  1. Ewen:

    To think, I have such opinionated and famous friends…

    You should do an audio podcast of your first book.

    Talk to you soon. I stop fulltime Ellie duty on the 3rd.


  2. admin:

    Welcome, Ewen (for those who don’t know, this is Greg’s oldest friend…or longest term might be a safer way to say it without bringing age into the equation)! I’ll be in touch soon.

  3. Chris:

    Greg, Clea,

    LOVE YOUR SHOW! A.J. (yes, the A.J. of “Fountain Drink” fame) turned me on to UFR and I’m listening from the beginning so I don’t miss a beat.

    RE: X-Men III — I’d like to hear your thoughts on originals in general. I consider myself a purist in a way for originals of tv, movies, music, etc. For example, I loved the first season of MTVs “The Real World” because it was true to the intention. The participants were more “real” than any in any of the subsequent 15 seasons, there wasn’t any obvious grandstanding in search of representation, the people were interesting of their own volition. Same for Survivor, American Idol (to a degree), and other reality shows. From season 2 on of almost all of these, most participants were clearly opportunistic and annoying. For movies, The Matrix is a good example. The first one was phenomenal. Original, intelligent, exciting… The second was a flop, and the third sort of recovered, but was pretty much too far gone. And in music, there’s nothing worse than having a young person talk about a “new” song that’s a remake of our favorites from the 80’s or 90’s.

    Anyway, maybe not fodder for a show, but I’d listen :-)

    Thanks for your commitment and insight. On to ep 2…

  4. admin:

    Hey Chris! Welcome to the UFR family…we’re glad to have you, and we’ll definitely take the sequels idea under advisement. If you have any suggestions for something specific you’d like reviewed, we’re always interested in taking new things on (as A.J. and our other regular listeners will attest). Thanks for listening!


  5. AJ:

    Chris, Thank goodness you’re here. There is so much to learn.

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