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Episode 30 of Upon Further Review!

We’re back again with the show you know and love (we hope!) in Episode 30 of Upon Further Review! In this episode we review pioneers in civil rights, women in podcasting, and spies On Her Majesty’s Secret Service–though not necessarily in that order. First, in honor of the recent holiday we look at Martin Luther King, both life and legacy; second, we examine the new grittier take on the world’s favorite secret agent in our review of the movie Casino Royale; and finally, we look at the first of two major vidcasts with female hosts as we review Cali Lewis’s GeekBrief TV. Thanks as always for listening, contributing, and spreading the word about the show–we couldn’t do this without you (well, we could, but it would be kind of silly)! (As usual, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (Youre My Girl).)

Reviewed in this show:

Martin Luther King

Casino Royale

Geek Brief TV