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Episode 20 of Upon Further Review, Special Edition!

Once again we’ve returned with opinions, thoughts and friendly suggestions with Episode 20–a Special Edition of Upon Further Review! In this show we thank friends, commentators and listeners before launching into the meat of the episode: we left the friendly confines of Eagle Studios recently and took a (short) road trip to the Digital Life Convention in New York City, a electronics/gadget/game fest for everyone’s inner tech-fan, and so in this episode we look at a number of games, items, and tech trends which we saw at the convention (including screen protectors, the Tablet PC, Final Fantasy XII, Neverwinter Nights II, and Hellgate London among others) before wrapping up with our podcast segment, a review of the Propadata Films vidcasting company. Thanks as always for your comments, suggestions, feedback and of course your listening time–and please spread the word! (As usual, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (“You’re My Girl”), outro by David Henderson (“We Gotta Go”).)

Reviewed in this show:

Digital Life

Propadata Films