Episode 7 of Upon Further Review!

Once again we’re back with Episode 7 of Upon Further Review, the hottest review show on the Internet (we love using vaguely positive terms like “hottest”)! In this episode we thank listeners for their feedback (and encourage more) before moving on to the show proper: first, we look at Greg’s old stomping ground of EB Games and wonder aloud how close it’s gotten to being a used car dealership (and whether we can get zero percent financing on a Playstation 3 when it comes out…); second, we tackle our first book review, as we turn the pages of Caleb Carr’s turn of the century thriller The Alienist; and finally, we hang out with two chicks at a sports bar (sort of) as we check out the Fantoo Girls podcast. Please continue to spread the word about the show, contact us in any of the ways listed at our website, and most of all feel good about yourselves for being listeners of UFR! Also, please help us out by Digging this review at Digg.com. (As always, podsafe intro music is provided by Sharif (“You’re My Girl”), outro by David Henderson (“We Gotta Go”).)

Reviewed in this show:

EB Games

The Alienist

Fantoo Girls


  1. Reese:

    Just wanted to say that I listened to your review of EB games and while I think much more could be said about it, you guys pretty much hit the meat of the subject. I just wish more people could see past the smokescreen that they put up and really take the company for what it has turned into, nothing more than a corporate machine. While I applaud that from a retailer pov, it sickens me from a gamer’s perspective. After all, Gamestop stock has risen quite significantly due to the merger(Gamestop bought EB games, not vice versa) but on the backs of who? Little children, dimwitted parents, and consumers who don’t really “think” about how this company has learned to operate.

    And just wanted to add something as far as “unique” games, most of these companies don’t have the money to support their marketing against giant producers such as EA, Bungie, and Atari.

    I just wanted to thank you for trying to promote awareness as far as EB games was concerned, I too, was an employee of theirs and I share your shame. I have been trying to raise awareness for some time now (gamedaily.com and a multitude of other sites) but it seems that the general public is just not ready to handle the truth. Maybe in the future…but only time will tell..

    If you keep reviewing, I’ll keep listening! :)

  2. admin:

    Thanks for the comment, Reese, and yeah…Gamestop/EB has definitely gone in the wrong direction, in our view. What makes it worse is the nonchalant attitude taken by the company itself (at least EB–I can’t speak for Gamestop) to all this. As you probably can remember, it was easy to see this coming from a long way off: from the obsession with the aborted Frequent Buyer Club program to the ridiculous stock diversification (in-store stock, I mean…Pokemon boxers?!?) to the overemphasis on used games, in the five years I worked there EB went from a store on the cutting edge of the market (game companies would come to us to determine retail trends) to another ho-hum store with a used car dealership mentality. As for employee relations, well, don’t get me started on that subject. :) Thanks again for your thoughts, and welcome to the UFR family–please continue to add your comments and feedback!

    By the way, Clea and I will be coming at you with a show on Thursday this week–we just moved, and well, we’re really tired. But boy, do we have some things to review… ;)


  3. Chris:

    Clea, Greg,

    In the EB games review, Clea mentioned that you’ll be reviewing games, alluding to video games. My wife, Nicole, and I are fairly avid gamers, but, as Clea points out, most of the time, it’s one of us playing a game and the other watching. Do you have any games that are really good 2-player games, particularly ones that work well for couples to play together? And, how about board games?

    Thanks for all the hard work! See you on ep8!

    – Chris

  4. admin:

    We sure do, Chris…keep checking out the shows and you’ll see our review of Lego Star Wars II and the Nintendo Wii for starters. As for board games, holy cow, don’t get Greg started on board games, which he loves above almost all other things (except his family and, well, a couple of other more important things which he loves. ;) ) We review Munchkin later on, and more board games will be reviewed in the future.


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  9. dadof2:

    new to this gaming thing and wonder after listening to your review of eb games, do you suggest buying used games from a place like eb/game stop. is there quality good for their used games or is a kiss of death to buy these because they will be nothing but troubles? i am looking to buy a large number of games to wow the kids for xmas and this seems like a inexpensive route for kids that are 6&8. advice

  10. admin:

    Hey dadof2–welcome to the UFR family! As far as the used game thing is concerned, as long as you’re careful I think getting the game used from EB is fine–most of the used games are returned in reasonably good shape, and to be honest it usually takes more than a scratch or two to throw off a CD or DVD-based game in any case. That said, you should always ask to see the CD yourself before you buy it and make sure scratches are at a minimum; EB employees are supposed to check them when they’re turned in, but often don’t do so (and I speak from the experience of watching at-the-time fellow employees take in trade-ins). But Clea and I often look for used before new, even if the difference isn’t too significant in price.

    Again, welcome, and please keep the comments coming!


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